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Catherine Yeatman

What are the traces and marks we leave as we go through the world? how buried are these? How clear? What is our mark? What marks have others left? Can you draw (out) ways to connect through time and space? How do we inhabit spaces and places? How do we inhabit the world? 

Shoreline Stoneware

Inspired by the Atlantic coastline, Louise Cook of Shoreline Stoneware draws inspiration from the unique Hebridean environment. Natural beach-weathered sea fragments, abandoned at the high-tide line, provide some of the delicate textures captured on the surface on the clay.

Sharon MacPherson

Artworks exploring the expanses of land, sea, sky and nature surrounding the Isle of Berneray and neighbouring islands. Emotive portraits of local wildlife.

Yasmin Davidson

Vast experience of travel has allowed Yasmin to immerse herself in different social environments and to view everyday life from different perspectives. Yasmin’s work holds a strong narrative and is often portrayed through the use of strong colour and expressive mark making

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