Because of all the uncertainty around Covid and unlocking, we decided a while ago not to run Art On The Map this summer. But, to compensate and help promote our members and their work we are planning a bigger and wider summer exhibition in Taigh Chearsabhagh this year, with the aim of using Taigh Chearsabhagh, as a hub for information but also to direct visitors out to studios and other arts venues/activities that might be open.


Dates and Space

We will have use of all 3 studios for a full six weeks for the whole of July and the first two weeks of August.


We have agreed with TC that we will jointly employ someone to staff our exhibition. They will be employed 4 hrs a day Mon-Friday and for 6 hrs on a Saturday, and will be based in the studios to be able to engage directly with visitors there. The weekday hrs will be skewed to suit footfall around ferry times.

This will enable selling directly from the galleries and make the it possible to sell smaller things such as cards directly without  putting undue load on the front of house staff in the shop and post office.

Their job will also be to specifically point people out to studios and other arts outlets in Uist, and be generally enthusiastic and knowledgable about Uist and the Arts and our members. (we will help train them and provide with info. and support to assist with this)


As well as the type of work that we would normally include we are keen to encourage a wider range of work that showcases a fuller range of works that our members undertake, or to encourage new people to contribute. We’d be really interested in anyone wanting to show installation type work, including video/film, or sound pieces. Subject to TC and H&S etc outdoor space could also be available for this. Please feel free to get in touch about any ideas and we will see how we can accommodate them.

We would also be interested in including web based photographic works on our own website which will showcase the exhibition with links to TC or artists own websites. Please get in touch if you would be interested in this.

Works for the formal exhibition will be limited as usual to 3 per artist, but there will also be scope beyond this to provide works for print bins, and as mentioned above cards and other smaller table top items for selling.

Although, as previously, there will be an option for works sold to be taken from the gallery, because of the on-line sales we will be strongly encouraging all exhibitors to list postage and packing prices along with their submissions.

All works to be hung on the walls, must be framed, and submitted with secure hanging chord or other fixings to suit the piece.

Other Activities

We’d like to be able to hold some evening events which would hopefully be both live and with a zoom link to bring in a wider audience. Pauline has already agreed to organise a poetry evening and any suggestions/volunteers for help to organise a couple of other events are welcome.

We plan to increase footfall on Saturdays by organising “Saturday Market” within the galleries. We are inviting craft makers to have a stall/table to be able to sell their works directly. We would anticipate this to be set at a limit of two tables per week.

We’d be really interested if anyone wants to organise any other activities/workshops/artist talks around the exhibition, please get in touch and we can develop details.

Note: All activities will be organised to comply with the current Scot Gov Covid safe guidelines and Taigh Chearsabhagh’s own Health and Safety rules. And, as we have all come to understand, these could be subject to change at very short notice if the rules and regs change.


Works will be for sale in the galleries, and outside the staffed hrs will be managed by TC staff in the shop as previously. But we are also happy if any members would like to volunteer an hr or two of their time over the period to support this.

Works will also be for sale on line on TC’s website and shop. This will be limited to works that are part of the exhibition itself, and at the moment we do not see this including works in the print bins or smaller items such as cards.

TC is currently updating its website and the shop will have a better interface with a cleaner and fresher look.

We’d like to include a short artist profile for everyone exhibiting as well so if you don’t already have one of these on our website we will be in touch to compile this.


We will continue to market and promote via our website and Facebook twitter and instagram accounts, as well as co-ordinating with TC to advertise the whole exhibition and any events and activities through their website and social media. Please follow us and like repost etc.

If you have a studio or venue and will be open during this period and would like us to promote you through the gallery and on our website we will be in touch nearer the time to gather details.

Practical Details

Key dates:

Exhibition preview: Friday 2nd July

Exhibition Dates: Saturday 3rd July – Saturday 14th August

Declarations of interest for installation works/Video/film: Monday 17th May

Declarations of interest for a table as part of the Saturday Market: Monday 17th May

Submission of all digital works for the online shop: By Wednesday 9th  une. We are developing an online submission form for this and will forward this and a link to it in due course. 

Submission of all physical works for hanging/installing to Taigh Chearsabhagh: Monday/Tuesday 28/29 June

Hanging and set up: Thursday and Friday 1/2 July

Take down and clearance of space And collection of unsold works: Monday 16th August.


All works sold through the exhibition will be subject to the usual 25% commission including cards and works in the print bin. Eg – full selling price = £100 commission = £25.00 Artist gets £75.00


You need to be a member of the UAA to exhibit or take part in the exhibition. Membership is £15 a year and you can join here.

Staff position

This role is being funded jointly by TC and UAA, primarily from commission made. They will be employed directly through TC under similar terms and conditions to existing shop and cafe staff, and will be paid at the living wage hourly rate.

The full description is being drawn up with TC at the moment, but in the meantime if you or anyone you know might be interested in the role please do get in touch.

There is an expectation that the successful candidate will be employed to start 2 weeks before the exhibition opens, and will be responsible for uploading and managing the online shop entries, as well as keeping works in the galleries up to date. (Training will be provided)

They will be responsible for selling in the galleries, and also really importantly we are looking for someone who can be friendly, and enthusiastic and provide a knowledgable public face to promote us and our works.


Our working title for all of this has been The Best Summer Exhibition Ever – But this is as much down to you our talented and creative members as us in the committee,  so over to you……

….If there is anything else you can suggest or want to contribute – please do get in touch, and do remember that volunteering and help is not exclusive or restricted to the UAA committee 🙂

As plans develop there will be more info, but I hope this is enough to get you all making and planning for now

I’m already looking forward to seeing everyone’s work

If you have any questions, please contact us by email at

Cally, and the rest of the committee.