It’s that time of year again: The days are long and the machair is blooming. 

Our summer exhibition this year will be held in Taigh Chearsabhagh in Studios 1 and 2 

There will be an retrospective exhibition of Judith Enwisle-Baker’s work in Studio 3 running concurrently with our exhibition. 

Following the success of last summer’s exhibition we are sharing the cost of a gallery assistant with TC and I’m pleased to tell you all that Sif will be taking on this role again. 

Works will also be available for sale on TC website if you want. 

You can preview some of the work already received at

Here’s the latest information on the exhibition: 

1. Hanging: we are looking for a couple more volunteers to help with curating and hanging the exhibition, Thursday 30th, both am and pm, and Friday 1st Morning. please let us know if you are interested.

2. Are you exhibiting: if you are planning to submit anything including cards or stuff in the print bin please let us know, we want to compile a list of exhibitors to show at the entrance to the exhibition and it would be helpful to have a list of you all by the end of Tuesday. Please include a short bio/description of you or your practice, this can be as little as a couple of words, and ideally upto 50ish words max. (If you already have profile for art on the map or UAA website I will use this unless you ask me to use new.

3. Sculpture 3D Work: if you are planning to submit this and need plinths or special install please consider being available to help the hanging team on Thursday to make sure we interpret your needs correctly. Or please get in touch before to let us know your needs.

4. Details of your work: please email us details of the work you are dropping off at TC if you haven’t done so already. Yr name, title of work, media, selling price, your contact details, phone and email. Please do this even if you do not want your work on the web shop. If you don’t want it on the webshop please state that.

5. Cards and Print Bins if you are dropping off cards or small items for sale, we need to know. Number of each card at a certain price, eg, 5 xcards at £3.00, 5xcards at £4.00 larger items like prints, pleased add title and number of prints. Please email this info, don’t just drop it off in TC.

6. Deadline works for hanging:  should be dropped off by end Tuesday, let us know if for some reason you cannot make this and yr works will be late.

7. Deadline for Cards/Print Bin: End Thursday 30th – remember any member can top up or add works in this category at anytime during the exhibition, but you must let us know when you do do.

8. Party: We are having Joint Preview on Friday 1st at 7pm, with the retrospective for Judith Entwistle Baker that will be running concurrently with our exhibition. Please bring your friends and family and spread the word.

9. Sif: If you are coming to the preview or if you are dropping off work and you don’t already know Sif, please make time to introduce yourself to her. Part of her selling role in the gallery is to be able to talk about the artists and their work, and it’s much easier for her to do this if she also knows who you are and feels she has met you.

10. (Wo)Manning the show: If anyone fancies a few hrs helping out in the gallery – busy times tend to be around ferry times or on Wet days- then please get in touch, or just turn up, it’s always fun to meet potential buyers and visitors and just be positive and chatty around an exhibition, and buyers respond well to this. It’s always helpful to have someone around to cover as you pop to loo or get a coffee.

that’s it… thanks for bearing with me this far…. Looking forward to seeing many of you on the 1st,

Important Dates

  • Deadline for submission of info for webshop – Mon 20 June – see below for details
  • Deadline for drop off of physical works – monday/tuesday 27/28 june
  • hanging – thursday/friday 30june/1 july
  • preview friday 1 july pm
  • exhibition properly open sat 2nd july 
  • exhibition closes sat 6th August 
  • Collect unsold works after 4pm 6th Aug, or Monday 8th Aug

Other info

  • You may submit upto 3 pieces – we will aim to hang as many as possible, and at least 2 of each members work submitted
  • Please let us know if you would like any plinths
  • All wall hung pieces should be framed, or framed out canvas, and supplied with secure fixings/cord for hanging as appropriate – Clip frames will not be accepted.
  • Please let us know if you have further work beyond the 3 submitted for filling in if submitted works sells
  • remember that you need to be a member to submit – so check and renew your membership if you forgot in December
  • We will have print bins and cards for sale in the gallery please bring these in when you bring in you other works – these are not limited.

Info required for physical pieces. 
Please make sure that each piece is clearly and securely labels on the back with the following info: 

  • Your Name
  • Title of Work
  • Media
  • Full selling price – Note that TC/UAA talks a 25% commission so if your selling price is £100 – you will get £75 and £25 will go in commission
  • Like last year we would like to put up some info about each of the exhibitors – if you are part of Art on the Map, or if you have a profile on UAA website we will use the text from this, so if you are neither of these then please provide a short 100 word max bit of text about yourself/your work.

information required for digital images for TC webshop – same as physical works 

  • email to
  • by 20 june
  • upto 3 images of each piece of work – high res images – please change the file name to include: your name , name of piece and priority number of image if more than one image.
  • Then for each work provide the following info:
  • Your Name
  • your email
  • your phone
  • Title of Work
  • Media
  • If a print how many copies – framed/unframed
  • Full selling price – Note that TC/UAA talks a 25% commission so if your selling price is £100 – you will get £75 and £25 will go in commission
  • Size
  • Postage Rates for UK/EU/World wide – Please note that if you do not provide these the buyer will be asked to contact you directly to arrange payment for this with you prior to posting.

We’ve had a couple of queries so though it best to share those as FAQs

FAQ 1. I don’t want to sell via web shop as I don’t want to post my work? Yes this is fine, please just drop off your physical pieces as scheduled below. But it would be really helpful if you can email us the details including a small thumbnail image for ref so we can use this data for compiling the list. This saves a lot of hassle on the day of hanging if we can have this info in writing before. Please email us by Tuesday 28th. Please also confirm if you have further works to replace sold works if necessary.

FAQ 2Is it possible for 3D makers to submit small works as an equivalent to allowing cards and unframed works in the print bin?  Yes if these will fit in a bowl or box on the plan chest/ big table with cards by the door to cafe. Need to be clearly priced and labled with your name.

A: cards and things in print bin.  
If you are submitting cards or works for print bin please let us know in writing
1. name of each piece, if prints how many, and price for each piece.
2. Total Number of cards for each price.  number of small 3D items for each price
if you replace or update these during the exhibition please make sure the details we have are updated, either by clearly making sure that sif or whoever is (wo)manning has taken note of the new works, and/or by confirming in an email to Uist arts email address.

B: packaging
We are trying to lessen our use of plastic and so are investing in some paper bubble wrap and paper tape for packing works sold during the exhibition.
please take your bubble wrap away with you when you drop off works
you are free to use whatever packing you want if you are posting works after the close of the show.

C: preview
dDust off your glad rags and invite your friends and family to come along for the preview party on Friday 1st pm

D: tell it to the world
Share publicity from TC and Uist arts on social media and by enthusing to your friends and visitors, both about the exhibition and art on the map.

I’m sure most our you will have seen the Art on the Map leaflets by now, since over 2/3rds of then have gone from the office in TC. Please distribute them and keep passing on the word about it. 

Finally any volunteers for helping with the hang, and also anyone who is prepared to volunteer one or two 2-3 hr shifts in the gallery either alongside Sif, or to fill in when she is not there please let us know. 

I’m sure it will be a great exhibition again  looking forward to seeing all your lovely work