At night

the fallen stones assemble
into former walls where fairies meet
to tell their ancient tales


above the machair
a skylark sings a piobaireachd
we plant potatoes

Uist Haiku is our collection of short poems and images, created by residents of Uist.

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a world on its own
the ferry weaves her own pattern
on the grey blue screen


small or wide, the sea
lying between land and tongues
the ferry bridging


swerve of lapwing
across grey cloud
lifts the spirit


from kitchen window
the ocean is darkening
glimmer from Heisker

Poem: Chris Maclullich


wind swirls past the house
air from the Caribbean
now lifts the peat smoke

Poem: Chris Maclullich


the ocean sighing
rattles through the bright pebbles
same noise for aeons

Poem: Chris Maclullich


leaving the islands
sailing back to the mainland
busy roads await

Poem: Chris Maclullich