UAA Summer Open Exhibition 2020: callout and news

The good news is that we are still planning to hold our summer exhibition at Taigh Chearsabagh this year.  The theme is: Scotland’s Coasts and Waters.  We are not sure yet […]


May 22, 2020

The good news is that we are still planning to hold our summer exhibition at Taigh Chearsabagh this year. 

The theme is: Scotland’s Coasts and Waters. 

We are not sure yet if Taigh Chearsabhagh will be able to be open for visitors to access the galleries, but we feel that at this stage we should plan to be able to hang a physical exhibition. But to be sure, and to be able to reach an audience that will not be able to visit in person we will also open virtually too.  

Andy has done a fantastic job of getting a virtual tour of the galleries on line, and if you haven’t already been and had a look I recommend going to the Taigh Chearsabhagh website, and clicking on the 360 degree tour link on the top bar, just next the the English/Gaidhlig Language options and checking it out. 


  • Exhibition opens: Saturday 4th July – last day Saturday 8th August
  • Hand-in of physical artworks Monday / Tuesday 29/30 June.
  • Details of this will be subject to opening times, and safe access, so please watch this space for further info. But we would like all work to be delivered by the end of Tuesday at the latest to allow a min of 40hrs before it needs to be handled by hangers. 
  • Hanging Thursday 2nd July, and completing of lists and info on Friday 3rd
  • A virtual launch event on the evening of Friday 3rd July.
  • 4th July Virtual exhibition open to public on TC website, and if possible exhibition in TC open for public viewing in safe format.
  • 8th August: exhibition closes, all artists to collect their own unsold works asap early the following week. 

We will also need digital images for all the works being submitted. Please remember to photograph these before you put any glazing on them. The sooner you can submit these the better. 

Physical  Artworks: 

  • Up to 3 works each per applicant with the following information attached to the back of each work. 
  • your Name and email/phone contact 
  • title of work 
  • media 
  • full selling price.

Taigh Chearsabagh  takes a 25% commission for all works sold. Eg if full selling price is £100, TC will take £25 commission and you will receive £75. 

Download forms here

Digital Images: 

  • Good quality photograph of your work 150 dpi and 1200 pixels across minimum. 
  • please make sure the file name includes your name, and the name of the piece, with under scores _ to separate the words. You also need to include the size of the work in cm. 
  • please email these to us at with the same info as the physical pieces: 
    • Your Name And contact details 
    • Title of work
    • Media 
    • size in cm 
    • Full selling price. 

The digital works need to be the same as your physical pieces. 

3D works: submit upto 3 images with different views. If you want to submit a small video file let us know, and we will sort out the best file transfer method. Andy is looking at the best way to incorporate these into the final virtual walk though. 

Number of Works, and Membership
Only UAA members can submit, so make sure your membership is up to date. You can purchase membership on our website. Here
You can submit upto 3 works each, and we will try and hang all 3 in the physical exhibition, but in the event that we do not have enough space the decisions of the hanging committee will be final. All 3 works can be included in the online gallery. 

Let us know
if you are planning to submit, it would help the planning if you can let us know ASAP, thanks 

Watch this space…. you can imagine this is a new world for us all, and there are still a number of unknown factors that we all need to manage and navigate. Between now and the end of June we need to put more work into the details and practicalities of making this happen, so please bear with us, and understand that if you ask a question, we might not know the answer, but don’t let that put you off asking. 

We might be living in tricky times, but I’m sure that we can put on a great show that will show off all our talents, and the enhanced virtual aspect may help us reach new audiences. 

Many Thanks 

Cally Yeatman 

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