Saturday Craft Stalls

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Every Saturday during the exhibtion there will be a couple of craft stalls in the gallery from 10am to 4 pm

  • Saturday 3 July: Yvonne Benting and Nyree Troughton
  • Saturday 10 July: Teresa Ani George and Nyree Troughton
  • Saturday 17 July: Yvonne Benting and Vanessa Langley
  • Saturday 24 July: Teresa Ani George, Margaret MacLellan and Margaret Fenton
  • Saturday 31 July: Vanessa Langley
  • Saturday 7 August: Teresa Ani George

Teresa Ani George

Cast od Antlers

Vanessa Langley

Margaret Fenton

Shed Gallery

Nyree Troughton


Margaret MacLellan

Yvonne Benting

Hebridean Imaging