Margaret Fenton

Paintings of the Locheport road in North Uist from its passing places

The paintings are available for sale at Taigh Chearsabhagh and from the Taigh Chearsabhagh online webshop

“It started with a proposal, a simple statement, an idea, a series of work, recording, documenting the Locheport road from the passing places. The why’s, the how’s, the what’s explored through 4 sketchbooks whilst sitting in the car, in ditches, on top of rocks, amongst the heather or standing leaning against a stob.

All painting is abstract, even if the elements of the painting adhere to recognisable shapes it would still be my abstract distorted representation. Sounds have shapes, wind can create rhythms across the page, birds on wires disrupt the sky, clouds change the colour easily as moods pass through. The road disappearing and curving as a thin line or a dark block interrupting the space ahead creating the sense of knowing and the sight of known marks.

Three years later and many changes I have strayed from the road into layers of paint, mark making and rich deep colours engrossed in the freedom to construct my own way

Forever grateful to have received the award and forever to continue to explore” 

Margaret developed the paintings from her sketchbooks, which document a journey alomg the Locheport road moving from West to East.