UAA coronavirus activities: call for ideas and thoughts

I hope this all finds you well and safe in your own lockdown bubble. We have been wondering in what ways the UAA might be able to help its members during […]
Uist Arts Association Winter Show 2023


Mar 31, 2020

I hope this all finds you well and safe in your own lockdown bubble. 
We have been wondering in what ways the UAA might be able to help its members during this time. 

Some of us have more time to make, some might have less, our physical worlds have shrunk with no travelling, but at least here in Uist we are lucky that there is plenty of space outdoors with hardly anyone else to bump into. How can we find ways to make the best out of all this? I don’t know about anyone else but I’m finding it really hard to concentrate and get on with anything, and that’s not normally like me at all.

We thought about organising a postcard exchange that could then be displayed virtually on our website, but  have put that on hold for now as we noticed that at least one organisation doing something similar had stopped. 


In what ways could the UAA support you and your art practice right now?  

We we have a committee meeting next week on 7th April, at 5.30pm on zoom. If you’ve got any ideas, or would just like to be part of a screen chat about how we might find things to organise or generate through the next few months you’d be very welcome. Don’t worry it’s not a forever commitment, just an invite to one meeting. If you can’t or won’t make the meeting, but wake up one morning with a good idea, just get in touch. 

So far potentials include: 

  • we still have the postcard exchange idea, which involves sending someone else a physical thing. Now we are settled into lockdown for what feels like a long haul it maybe the time to launch this
  • Some way of trying to meet up virtually with small groups for discussions “crits” about current work
  • virtual exhibition
  • some joint projects, collaborative work. 

If you have ideas, comments, or would like to join the meeting next week let me know on 

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