Anne Corrance Monk

Using everyday materials and spaces, I explore gaps and overlaps between drawing and photography, embroidery and drawing, spatial and embroidery; all the while questioning my understanding of each. Photographs are both a beginning, and an end in themselves. Individual surroundings may appear in photographs, though any sense of the personal or place is incidental. The intention is to evoke a feeling

On her time as an art student with Lews Castle College

Since graduation I have worked as a tutor and photographer. I have exhibited in Scotland and internationally, including Scottish Society of Artists (selected graduate), RSA Gallery, Edinburgh,2012, Hebtember : Snàth , Grimsay, 2014, Night Contact at Brighton Photo Biennial, 2014, So Much Depends Upon, Parliament Building , Edinburgh, and Germany,2016, Shakespeare Lives ,British Council, various international venues , 2015, Processions, Edinburgh 2018

I was Scottish Society of Artists featured artist in 2015.

Studying at UHI , I made great friends, and it was one of the biggest thrills ever, the day I passed my Fine Art degree.



Featured work


Transparency allows everything to be seen, inside and out, without obscuring the subject itself. Much of my work exists only for a short time. It is meant to be neither permanent nor perfect. What goes in, what stays out? Partly, it’s an inability to choose. So, I give everything equal weight. If it’s there, it’s in…. whether it is beautiful cornicing or dirty marks on the wall. Big concerns play their part, but my work is informed by everything really… love, eternity, a half-forgotten dream, a whisper.