UAA Website and Communications Officer 

We are looking for a replacement to manage our website and social media.

Apr 3, 2023

After several years Peter Ferguson is stepping down from the Committee at out AGM later this month and from all his officer roles within the organisation. So we are looking for a replacement to manage our website and social media.

We think that there is potential for the work that Peter currently does to be split down into several parts, and this could be done by one or several people working together to split the load.

Broadly we see there are 3 parts to the role, but some of these are fluid and interchangeable, and we are open to suggestions of how a new officer and/or team could shape the role to make it their own, and to continue to promote our members and their work, so if you are interested in all or some of the aspects, or you know someone who might be, please get in touch and share this call out.

1. Someone to keep website technically upto date and make sure it keeps running. Also to provide technical support. We are prepared to pay someone with a proven track record of such work professional fees to undertake this aspect of the role.

2. Someone who has access to manage and upload content on the website and who is responsible for contact with members – this person would have access to the UAA gmail account and mailchimp mailing list.

3. Website content and Social media: eg art on the map, publicity around exhibitions, any stories about members and their work, news etc…. We currently have Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts.

Are you interested but not sure? Do you have suggestions of how this could be managed? Do you have experience of managing websites? Would you like to learn more about the role? Would you like to use the role to grow your own skills in these areas? However big or small your interest please get in touch to discuss.

please get in touch on – we are happy to talk to people with about how the future of this role can be shaped to benefit us all.

Our AGM will be held at Taigh Chearsabagh on 19th April at 6pm, (more news soon) and We will need to have someone in post after this.

looking forward to hearing from you
Cally Yeatman

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