Origin of the UAA logo


Feb 27, 2021

UAA logo

A Blast from the Past
by Anna Davis

Has it been 28 years, I was surprised to hear from Catherine asking if I still had an original copy of the swan print that has been used as the UAA logo as they only had a low res scan. Hmm, I’ll have a look and there it was, buried in a portfolio the poster that we designed for our Suil Uibhist exhibition in Portree with Fiona Pearson, Jo Salter and Norman Macleod in 1992.

I seem to remember that it was a joint effort and my part the swan cut out and print. Taigh Chearsabhagh was still an idea and I was pregnant with my daughter Jasmine, life was to change as a new mum and an involvement in the growing art scene in Uist. It was a wonderful journey to see the art centre and museum grow andflourish, I had the opportunity to meet artists, poets and islanders, so many good memories, Rhodas café and salmon sandwiches being up there among the highlights.

I think the swan print caught something I felt about the island, home of lapwings, curlews and whooper swans migrating from Iceland and the sense of exposure, openness, sky and freedom, I’m delighted it still represents the UAA.

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