Meet the artist: Margaret Cowie


Mar 25, 2021

Meet the artist

Margaret Cowie

My work has been about the landscapes of the islands, the moods, the seasons, the flora and the abandoned, broken down homes. I examine traces of history and cultural heritage which connects to the physicality of the earth and the findings peculiar to the island locality. I paint in oils, acrylics and watercolour, incorporating collage. As well as mono printing and alternative photography techniques.

On her time as an art student with Lews Castle College

“My name is Margaret E Cowie and I graduated in 2014. I live in Ahmore, North Uist, near Lochmaddy where Art School Hebrides is located. I lived on Harris in the early 2000’s and I found out about the courses run by Lews Castle College UHI at Taigh Chearsabagh. It took me until 2005 to commit to the NC to get me back to art. I rented a caravan on beautiful Berneray and travelled from Harris three days a week with my cat to study on Uist. Memories of that time have stayed with me with fondness.


I was persuaded by Fiona Pearson to try 1st year of the degree course and decided to go part time, so I could work and study more easily. We also relocated to Uist, because the island had won my heart. Eventually I graduated at Moray College, Elgin in 2014 where I completed my studies. Now students can complete the whole programme at Lochmaddy which is wonderful.


Exhibited at the LCC Alumni Exhibition, Lochmaddy, January 2021

Lost’ is part of the work achieved at a residency in the Blue Mountains of Australia. At the time struggling with grief I immersed myself in plants and used what media I had with me to explore my finds. Mainly cyanotype enjoying using this skill in a place of intense ultra violet light was a pleasure. The title ‘Lost’, comes from a poem by David Wagoner, which fitted in with the way I felt and was the the catalyst I needed to carry on.”

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