Meet the Artist: Anne Corrance Monk


Jul 15, 2021

Using everyday materials and spaces, I explore gaps and overlaps between drawing, photography, and embroidery; all the while questioning my understanding of each.

The intention is not to tell a story or to illustrate. Much of my work will exist only for a short time. It is meant to be neither permanent nor perfect.

What goes in, what stays out? Partly, it’s an inability to choose. So, I give everything equal weight. If it’s there, it’s in…. whether it is beautiful cornicing or dirty marks on the floor. Big concerns play their part, but my work is informed by everything really… love, eternity, a half-forgotten dream, a whisper.

In this particular piece for the Uist Arts Association’s Summer Show at Taigh Chearsabhagh in Lochmadddy, I am allowing the space and surroundings to guide the material, form and pace of the ongoing work.

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