Corona: Uist Writers Group Exhibition

Exhibition and poetry pamphlet focusing on the coronavirus epidemic


May 16, 2021

During the Corona virus, the Uist Writers’ Workshop has kept going using email to share our writing on set themes. The virus has given new meanings to familiar words like ‘test, trace, mask, wave’ and has brought new phrases into our daily vocabulary like ‘social distancing’ and ‘new norm’: these were the stimulus for our writing about the pandemic.

In this exhibition are quotes from the pieces we published in the ‘Corona’ pamphlet which was launched at the online Uist Book Festival 2020 and is available through the shop at Tagh Chearsabhagh. The exhibition runs from Friday 30th April to Saturday 29th May 2021.


The Uist Writers’ Workshop is organised by Pauline Prior-Pitt. Under normal circumstances it takes place on the first Saturday of the month here at Taigh Chearsabagh. The writers are:

    • Neil Davidson
    • Peter Godfrey
    • Barbara Hunter
    • Peter Kerr
    • Cathie Laing
    • Betty MacAuley
    • Catriona MacInnes
    • Thelma Marl
    • Màiri Morrison
    • Aurora Moxon
    • Loriana Pauli
    • Pauline Prior-Pitt
    • Kirsty O’Connor

    Exhibition curated by Pauline Prior-Pitt and Kirsty O’Connor and designed by Kirsty O’Connor

    The Corona pamhlet was launched during Book Week Scotland 2020 through a reading event at Taigh Chearsabhagh Museum & Arts Centre. Here’s the recoring of the event:

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