Art on the Map 2019 registration

Registration for Art on the Map 2019 is now open! Its a 4 month event over the Summer, from May to August with event across the whole of Uist: from Berneray to Barra

Events might include:

  • 3-week collective event with multiple artists
  • 1 weekend pop up with single artist at home
  • Single day pop up event
  • One day a week only for 2 months at home/studio
  • Opening of studio by appointment over a period of time
  • Collaboration with other venues, eg shops, community centres, schools, other places … creative!
  • Existing gallery open all summer
  • Other options:  you might want to have a single day pop up event that is weather dependant, say “Art on the beach” – you could list that under a week on the printed brochure with a note to say refer to website for live details and confirmation of date nearer the time ……be creative

Register now
To register, download and complete the registration form. Return it by Sunday April 14th 2019 to meet the deadline for the brochure. Events can continue to be added to the online information on the website, but they will not be in the printed brochure

There is a participation fee for artists and organisations. This covers the costs of producing the brochure, website, signage and marketing. For 2019, these costs are also subsidised by UAA. The fees are:

Individuals£20 for UAA members – this is a one-off fee and can cover more that one entry for each individual UAA membership is an additional £15 p.a so the total is £35
Individuals (website only)£10 For participants added after closing date for leaflet. Details will only appear on our website. UAA membership is an additional £15 p.a so the total is £25
Associate membership (e.g Claddach Kirkibost Centre)   £35 One organisational profile in AOM brochure, calendar listing of any events, shown on map One organisational profile on UAA website, calendar listing for any events, shown on map
Associated Event (eg series of Saturday craft events) £35 Event profile in AOM brochure, listing in calendar, shown on map Event profile in UAA website, listing in calendar, shown on map

If your event does not fit into these categories, let us know

The fees can be paid online or by post:

OnlinePay by credit card or Paypal at:
PostMake cheques payable to Uist Arts Association and post to Peter Ferguson, UAA Treasurer, 15 Balemore, North Uist, HS6 5EB

As a condition of being part of Art on the Map all venues, open studios, halls, public buildings must have public liability insurance (PLI) cover, and as responsible organisers we need to be sure that people have this in place for their event and that you have undertaken a formal risk assessment.

Several companies offer insurance packages, including:

Axisweb£25 pa or £2.50 per monthAnyone can become Associate Member: higher levels of membership with more benefits available at higher price. Covers open studio and share of any exhibitions. Web:
Scottish Artists Union£60 paMembership by application must meet criteria. Includes additional training and support opportunities. Web:
a-n£38 pa or £16 (student) Professional artists only (criteria given). First £250 excluded. Website:

Brochure, website, signs
An A5 brochure will be produced, listings artists and events and a basic map. The brochure will be distributed through UIst and participants will be given copies for their own distribution. The final date for inclusion in the brochure is April 6th.

The UAA website will include profiles of each artist and event, including detailed maps of each location. Profiles can be managed directly by participants. The website, Facebook page and Twitter feed will be continuously updated and used to promote the event.

Art on the Map signs can be provided for display outside your venue. Signs are 31×62 cm, double-sided and weatherproof. The design is as shown in the image at the top of this page. Please note that there will not be a charge for the signs, provided they are returned without damage just after the 2019 trail. Each sign is worth £20.

Online shop and support for credit card sales
UAA will be trialling its online shop during Art on the Map for the sale of members’ work. This would involve you:

  • Emailing UAA with the details of each work
  • Agreeing to respond to buyers by email within 3 days and to post the work to them
  • Agreeing to contact UAA if the work is sold elsewhere
  • Money would be initially paid into the UAA account and transferred to you on completion of the order
  • UAA will take a commission of 3% to cover bank charges

If you are interested in including your work in the shop, contact us at for more details

The shop’s online payment system can also be used to collect credit card and Paypal payments from visitors to your open studio or exhibition. You will not need to pre-register your works on the site. UAA will only charge you for the normal bank charges (about 3% of price)


If you have any questions, email us at