Art on the Map 2019

Initial call for entries

This year’s proposals:

  • A 4-month event –May to August 2019
  • Rolling events throughout the summer and across the whole of Uist: Berneray to Barra

Examples of types of events could be:

  • 3-week collective event with multiple artists
  • 1 weekend pop up with single artist at home
  • Single day pop up event
  • One day a week only for 2 months at home/studio
  • Opening of studio by appointment over a period of time
  • Collaboration with other venues, eg shops, community centres, schools, other places … creative!
  • Existing gallery open all summer
  • Other options:  you might want to have a single day pop up event that is weather dependant, say “Art on the beach” – you could list that under a week on the printed brochure with a note to say refer to website for live details and confirmation of date nearer the time ……be creative

What we want:

  • A good spread of events of different sizes and lengths – The more the merrier
  • Venues where events might be held
  • Each artist can be in as many events as you want


  • £20 entry for each artist (no limit on number of events)
  • All artists exhibiting and taking part must already be members of the UAA (£15 per.annum)
  • UAA are keen to revitalise Art on the Map and will run the event this year as a trial in the new format with minimum costs to artists to encourage as broad a membership as possible. We have agreed to use some of our existing funds to cover the costs beyond that covered by the entry fees.

Brochure and website:

  • Each artist will get a single image in the leaflet, with contact details and a brief description of their work/media.
  • Each artist will have a profile on the website
  • Each event will get a listing with dates/times that it is open – the listings will be organised in the brochure on a month by month basis (and on the website in the daily calendar)
  • The brochure will include a map with location numbers and colour coding and schedule. Fuller information will appear on the website, including detailed access maps
  • The website calendar will be regularly updated, allowing for changes after publication of the brochure
  • Each organisational venue will also have a profile on the website


  • End of March for all applications and payments
  • Would be good to get indicative feedback and confirmation from as many as possible by End February.


All comms to me, Cally Yeatman, please: – 07747882622 – home 01876 540277

Feel free to contact me with any questions. We are trying to make it as broad and as flexible as possible to suit as many people as possible.